MoreAlt Search Engine Features

Explore all unique features of MoreAlt search engine, except discovering website alternatives you can now combine your searches with inner tags and find new opportunities!

Competitors Discovery

Find your competitors online easily with MoreAlt. Identify and understand better your current market to make precise plans for your project.

Website Targeted Results

No more blog posts, wiki pages, forum posts, or other mixed results, on MoreAlt instead you will get which websites are mainly focused on your keywords.

Inner Tags

Find easily which websites have careers, affiliates, partners, qna, resellers and more opportunities by selecting from 19 different Inner Tags.

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Inner Tags

Similar & Alternative Websites

With MoreAlt, you can now easily find websites similar or alternative to those you already know and like, focused on their content targeting for better results.

Top-Notch Features

Except the unique features mentioned above, MoreAlt has also a few more top-notch features.

Privacy Focused

We have strictly no logs policy, everything we do is no logs by design.


It means we are self funded and we are not attached to any big corporation.

Family Friendly

All search results are family-friendly by default, we have carefully crafted filters for inappropriate content.

Free and Made with Love

Lastly but not least, all our features are free, secure and made with ❤.

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Our Vision