Privacy Focused Search Engine

At MoreAlt we strongly believe in solid-proof web privacy, that's why we went all the way and made everything no-logs by design.


Thats not an easy tasks as most of the web software will have at some point some user logging, therefore you have to manual configure and tune all the spots to not track or store any user information.

Simple Privacy, no personal information ever! we are not here to track or log anyone but to create something of value that and even our loved ones will use.

Notice! In beta stage you might get cookies in a few pages but these are for the operation of platform and for further security.

Revenue & Privacy

One of the main reasons that big corporations are tracking down their users and visitors is revenue.

Here at MoreAlt we believe in a fair and honest advertisement strategy. We still need revenue to keep MoreAlt alive but we do this with a friendlier approach.


Our ad system is quite simple, you get ads depending only on the inputing keyword for example you search for "mobile phone" you get "mobile ads", you search for "smartwatch" you get smartwatch ads and well .. that's it! our system doesnt want any info from you to get ads because they are pre-configured.


We believe strongly in transparency. Thats why we created an Ads Transparency page, which contains information regarding our ad-system

Coming soon