About MoreAlt

At MoreAlt we are very passionate explorers, we like to innovate a lot on new techs and we are optimizing freaks at everything we do.

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to fill the empty gap in website alternatives and web discovery, provide alternatives to almost everything and offer to every single user only top-notch services with respect.

Founder & History

A few words from the Founder

Hi everyone, my name is Dimitris I am from Greece, the founder of MoreAlt & CosmoHac.

Like everyone, I've spent countless hours searching the internet and then some more :)

A NOT short story..

Way way back

A few years back there was a need, to find sites similar to the ones I already knew for a variety of reasons, ranging in many categories from entertainment to business, that's when I came upon a popular bookmark the Xmarks.

It was almost perfect at first as it allowed you to find on a term, websites that were previously being bookmarked by Xmarks users under the same term. For example under the folder "web hosting" you could find the top websites under the folder "web hosting" and the results were great because all the results were hand-picked by the users and most of the time the quality was higher than what other search engines could provide.

But not after too long I realized a huge flaw on the platform. The flaw was simple it was Xmarks users, as every user could store the same bookmark under a differently named folder, for example, a user could save the bookmark "hosting.com" under the folder "hosting" and another user save it under "servers" or "Others" etc and the bookmark would then lose some of its value due to human naming differences, but still was a good platform and could provide good results.

A few years passed and I was working on other projects (crawlers, scrappers you name it) when the seed of the idea came to my mind, and well.. here we are.