Privacy Policy - MoreAlt

Effective date: 1 March, 2022

MoreAlt doesnt collect or track personal information, therefore we don't share or take advantage of personal information.

We don't log or track people

No Tracking, No Logs, No Cookies

Information we don't Collect

When you use "MoreAlt Services" or permorm any "Search Query" or other "Request" we don't know at any point who you are or process any information from your browser that it's usually sending automatically. The MoreAlt search engine is just that, an engine that produces results based on data input provided by the user, which is also the only data we process.

When performing any action to a website, you usually send your IP address along with the User-Agent which can be later used to profile users and track them for any usage, and that's usually normal, we instead have configured the entire "MoreAlt Services" to not store/process or do anything with the user details.

The truth is that we just don't need it! We profile the web instead not the users and that's where we excel.

Enjoy a privacy oriented web-experience.